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Toby and the Train of Thought - softback copy




After a long wait, we are finally able to offer physical, softback copies of Toby and the Train of Thought! This beautiful full-colour, softback edition of Toby has been handmade with lots of love and is now available to purchase.


Toby and the Train of Thought is our VERY FIRST CHILDREN'S BOOK! This book really is one-of-a-kind. It's a very special story that helps to equip children with all of the innate resilience and creativity they need to truly thrive in life. ​This book comes from new children's author Sally-Ann Turner, who is part of our team at Mental Wellbeing In Schools, and is illustrated by the wonderful Caitlin Hinstridge.We are delighted to announce that physical copies of this book are now ON SALE! 


We ship to the UK and internationally.


Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm. 

Toby & The Train of Thought

SKU: 001
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